About Us

Crazy Irish Tree Service is family owned and operated, my husband Shane and I started the business in 2015. Shane had experience his whole life cutting trees with his father, and together we dove into educating ourselves about the industry. We started small and over the 5 years have grown into the top 10 tree services in the surrounding area of Sevier, Knox and Jefferson counties. We have a big passion for what we do. Not only do we love the outdoors but we pride ourselves on finding the balance between doing what’s best for both nature and customer. Believe it or not even being in this industry, we really do love trees and we will always try to do what’s best for the general health of the tree, and of course all the little animals and creatures that sometimes call a tree home. But, with that being said, we also know that trees can be very dangerous and a hazard when they are too close to buildings, dead or diseased. So we understand the need, and will always do our best to give you the results your looking for. We choose to only run one crew to ensure the quality that our expectations are set at, are always met on every job. We have a huge work ethic and will always try to be the best at anything we do, and we give God the glory for all the success we have had, and look forward to what the future holds for our young family!